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Take what yer want, give nothin' back.
Character Information
Race: Human/Dragonborn
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 400lbs including full gear
Hair: Raven black
Eyes: Steel grey
Physique: Muscular
Age: approx. 900 years (DR)
Classes: Bard/Blackguard/Red Dragon Disciple
Weapon(s): Macheté
Item(s): Dirty moleskin pouch of holding. Charred and blasted medallion with the words 'Moment of Clarity' etched on the back.
Alignment: LE/NE
Faith: Ex Disciple of Dispater, currently none.
Faction: Elzigard
Former Title: General, Consul
Relationship(s): Many
Origins: Mulmaster/Luskan
Languages: Damaran, Chondothan, Draconic, Infernal, Abyssal, Elven

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"Freedom is never having to say yer sorry, lass."

Vico copy

Detailed Appearance

Standing a small fraction over 6’, this man is usually described as ”solidly built”. His shoulder-legth raven mane of hair is messy and unkempt, framing craggy features, his strong, stubbly jaw and prominent nose. His teeth are white and well preserved, all in all his appearance is that of a thirty year old human male despite his unnaturally long life.

His eyes are dark, a stormy grey that regard you cooly in the main, particularly if you are an enemy. He has no visible tattos, but numerous light scarring over his powerful torso including two large scars on his back under his shoulder blades and a deep, ugly purple bruise on his right shoulder.


"Take what you want, give nothing back."

Words that Vico lived by all his life. Born an orphan in Mulmaster, around 474DR (Dale Reckoning.) His mother died in childbirth, his father a red drake that had seeded the prostitute whilst in human form. His early years are somewhat of a blur, and of little consequence save for the knowledge that he was an urchin, having to steal to survive. One day, a scrawny teen Vico had the fortune to try and steal from Master Nathan Lux, a visiting merchant from far-away Luskan. Instead of turning him in to the Blades and probable death, Master Nathan saw some promise in the dirty guttersnipe and took Vico in to work for his business.

This 'business' known as 'the Family' was nothing more than an organised crime syndicate, and Vico was brought in to do the more nefarious aspects that were involved in running a major crime ring. Years passed, Vico became proficient as a thug and enforcer, dirtying his hands so Master Nathan didn't have to. His latent draconic heritage didn't show itself till his early twenties. His temper was always pretty short, and his rages seemed to grow more and more pronounced even concerning Master Nathan. Though some reasons for these bloodlusts and flying anger rages could be attributed to the pain felt when he sprouted wings from his shoulder blades, his body feeling too small for his soul and that tight squeeze of being 'stretched'.

His appearance, and his more unreliable rages marked him too much of a loose cannon for Master Nathan, who assigned him to assassinate a prominent Luskan mage. The long journey, and the fact the mage should have been out of his league, assured Nathan that Vico would meet his demise and be less risk to him and his business. be continued..

Vico on Styss

Imprisoned on the Isle of Styss by an angry Dispater, Vico relished his 'jail' at first. His signature dark grin and easy manner ensured a steady stream of women to his bed. His reputation as a complete libertine preceded him, as well as a love of fighting and working as a mercenary for Elzigard. Signed on for a token 50,000 gold by Varlin, Vico battled Tensians and Anamcharans when the Grey City lacked any notable force, or any real leadership or direction. It wasn't until Prime Minister Talbot was elected, and Vico signed on as field mercenary for twenty million gold with Emma.

Life was tough in those days for the Elzigard regiment, regular defeats and a snub from the then Commissar Vier'idil actually guaranteed Vico's loyalty to the Grey CIty. When Nevar left, Elanor Talbot promoted Vico to General, and although the forces were still small, success was coming slowly, but surely. be continued..