The outer walls of the Elzigardian keep.

The WarzoneEdit

On the isle of Styss, there is a large lake, and in the middle of this lake lies the magical battlefield where almost all hostilities take place between the three warring cities. Each city has a fort connected to it, and they all try and claim the mysterious "firegems" of which there are three.

These massive gemstones came into being when the cities' Spirits made their presence known on the island. The arcane research on these artefacts has proven difficult even to the most highly trained wizard, but the precious stones are nevertheless highly valued by the cities' leaders. Rumour has it that they bring some manner of balance to the very fabric of the realms, but this is unconfirmed still.

The Warzone stretches out over the entire tiny island in the lake, both on the surface and below in the Warrens.

Within the WarzoneEdit

With the purpose of the mysterious firegems still unknown, it raises the question of why the inhabitants of Styss even bother to meet on the field. The cities do not seem to reflect who is in possession of the gems at any given time, and neither Anamchara, Tens or Elzigard seem to hold the firegems for long.


The Niraya Warrens - the underground caverns and entrances to each keep.

The question is, perhaps, not impossible to answer when the Warzone is observed. On an isle where the only true diversions are politics and relationships, the Warzone provides a healthy expression of violence and allows the more warlike citizens of the Isle a chance to flex their muscles. Pride, indeed, is a large part of it. The gems themselves seem to sing out who possesses them at any given time, and the ability to steal one out from beneath another city's very nose is one to flaunt.

Here, too, can be found friends expressing their recent disagreements in a safe, acknowledged arena. Enemies meet time and again, working out their issues in a clash of steel. Heroes rise and fall with each defeat, and it could be said that a person's true nature shows itself in the Warzone. In the heat of combat, the thrill of victory and the chill of defeat, how someone treats their fallen foe speaks volumes.

For Tens, claiming a defeated foe is both common and accepted as proper amongst the city's inhabitants. Anamchara scorns this practice, and defeated enemies are usually released unless a warrant has been issued for them. Elzigard's stance on capture varies from leader to leader, though Elzigardian soldiers are less likely to capture fallen foes than Tensian fighters.

The surface of the battlefield, on neutral ground.

Dangers are thick on the ground in the Warzone, and not necessarily from simply a rogue's trap or the death blow of a warrior's sword. Rape, torture, abduction, thievery... All manners of crimes have been committed beneath the umbrella that the Warzone offers. A challenging field, but not one to be taken lightly.