Isles of Styss (IoS) is a social/roleplay Neverwinter Nights persistent gameworld, and it is the subject of this wiki. The setting is a mixture of Planescape and Forgotten Realms with a dash of inspiration from other campaigns. The story takes place in the chaotic and ever-changing Outlands , and this is probably why you can find almost any creature imaginable there, including pure-blooded demons, fallen angels, and crawling things from the exotic Beastlands, to name a few.

It is an adult server, where graphicly sexual or violent roleplay may occur. THIS SERVER IS 18+. NO MINORS ALLOWED.

Epiril and Talavar are the only current administrators of this wiki, but with any luck there will be more, and it will grow into a tool of information for people who play or are interested in joining the server as a new player. Send either admin a personal message on the forums, or contact us on their wiki Talk pages, if you are interested in being an administrator here. Anyone who is wiki-savvy or simply eager to contribute in some way is very welcome.